Obra Diocesana do Porto

The aim of this project Diocesan Work, is the improvement of social welfare of populations where its activity is exerted, or any form of social action in order to energize individuals, groups and communities, aiming to find a situation where new and higher will be the craftsmen themselves, from an awareness of their potential and participation of all in social, economic and cultural, as well as developing the spirit of coexistence and social solidarity.

From contact with local communities and socio-political conjunctures of the country, the ODPS made ​​its developments by creating social centers and managing equipment with valences that "provide support for citizens in old age and disability, children, youth and families, in order to promote the whole person, through solidarity and justice. "

To achieve its objectives, the ODPS develops its action in the neighborhoods of reeds, Siege of Porto, Moura Fountain, Lagarteiro, Machado Vaz, Pasteleira Pinheiro Torres, Queen Leonor, Watered, St. John of God St. Roque and St. Thomas of Lameira, supporting its poorest people.

In these neighborhoods, the ODPS has installed 12 social centers, where it maintains the valences of Daycare, Preschool, ATL, Centre Day, Gathering Center, Home Care (including week-ends and holidays) and also Center for Family Support and Parental Advisory (CAFAP).

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