UDIPSS – Porto

The organizational mission of the Union, its nature and the principles underlying their origin were based on the needs and weaknesses, fundamentally, these organizational and technical institutions.

The headquarters building, which currently carries out its activities, was acquired in 1991 by the then President of the District Secretariat of the Union of Private Institutions of Social Solidarity (UIPSS) with funds provided by several entities, including the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity, the Civil Government of the District of Porto and various municipalities. In 2008 and resolved all issues related to the bureaucratic autonomy of district secretariats, its ownership moved to UDIPSS-PORT. However, and as a result of the passage of time, scarce resources and increasing regulatory requirements and support organizations, as well as the lack of support for that purpose, was never able to recover and adapt it to their functional reality, the rules in place to ensure the welfare and safety of all who attend regularly.

Today, the building is in a high state of disrepair, requiring an intervention fund to which, in terms of financial investment the UDIPSS-PORT is not at all prepared.

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