CSP Carvalhosa – Day Nursery

New social response of Day Care Center and Social Carvalhosa Parish, is the result of the deficit of such responses in the parish and county, a fact confirmed to have long and proven by a study conducted by the social networking site.

So with the transition of users to the "Pole Fontão," Could this institution reshape the space previously allocated to social responses of the Garden-schools and CATL, to convert them to daycare.

It was then implemented a plan for a daycare license for 33 users and home help for 50 users. This project therefore aims to implement a new social response "Nursery" as well as increasing the capacity of the social response of the Home Care from 15 to 50 users.

These works amounted to approximately € 150,000.00, since the entire building had to be operated upon, due to its physical characteristics and intended purpose interior, hence there is a need not only the renovation of the spaces allocated to the new social response nursery, as well as the creation of a new administrative area, increasing the capacity of the laundry and the kitchen and landscaping.

With the implementation of this new social response to the institution not only to ensure support for 33 new clients and their families, as well as maintaining and creating more jobs in order to help combat unemployment that has long affected the parish and county.